Thursday, December 2, 2021


Camis Motors & Drives is a leading distributor of industrial electric motors and ancillary controls in both IEC format and special purpose designs.

Incorporating Advent Power Products, Camis Motors & Drives supplies the largest portfolio of advanced industrial electric motors to the OEM market and Trade across the globe. Our large range is complemented by our ability to build motors to your own specification. Customers use Camis Motors as their sole supplier for any electric motor at consistently competitive prices.

Standard Motors

  • Three-phase motors IE1 (ErP must be observed)
  • Three-phase motors IE2
  • Three-phase motors IE3
  • Three-phase motors IE4
  • ATEX Explosion-proof motors
  • Marine motors
  • Single-phase motors – Cap start-Cap run
  • Single-phase motors – Permanent capacitor
  • Coolant Pumps for machine tools
  • Frequency inverters
  • Motor accessories:
    Brakes, Force Vent Units, Encoders, Slide Rails

Special Motors

  • Hoist / Crane Motors
  • Brake Motors
  • Slip Ring Motors
  • Roller Table Motors
  • Jacket Water Cooled Motors
  • Permanent Magnet Motors & Generators
  • Marine Motors
  • Drop-in replicas of old motors
  • Submarine motors
  • Seismically qualified motors for Nuclear Power Stations
  • High / Low temperature motors

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